This simulation shows the lowest resonace frequency of an uncooled thermoelectrc infrared detector.


This MATLAB code calculates the complex refractive index of a substrate. This code is written to find these values from the measured reflection and transmission spectra (at normal incident angle, but it can be modified for an oblique angle) using a FTIR system. The knowledge of the substrate thickness is required. A starting point is also required .

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This code calculates the complex refractive index of a thin film deposited on a transparent substrate. The assumption here is coherent reflection in the thin film and incoherent propagation in the substrate. The IR reflection and transmission spectra are required. Thin film, and substrate thickness along with the n,k info for the substrate are requried. The n, k data for the substrate can be calculated using the above code.


This code calculates reflection, transmission and absorption spectra through a multilayer thin film stack. If the films are deposited on a substrate, the effect of incoherent transmission through the substrate can be simply taken into account. If there is no substrate, the required spectra can be still calculated. There is no limit on the number of the layers that can be added. Even metal films can be included in the simulation (This is actually what we did, we were investigating the effect of metallic thin films in the absorption of IR radiation).

More info (a good source book for this kind of stuff) is inside the main file.